High or Reliable Connectivity

IF&D maintains a complex internal LAN and Internet/WAN network infrastructure with redundant, multi-homed fiber links, redundant switches, surplus cabling structures, and multiple independent carriers. All connectivity and bandwidth is dedicated to each customer and configurable as a dedicated private line or in a burstable 95th percentile methodology ranging from standard Ethernet to Gigabit configurations. In addition, IF&D offers cross connection services for point-to-point backend connections for customers with a proximity and design to multiple fiber carriers on campus, which, in many cases, negates the requirement for additional last mile and loop charges.


Additional specifics include:

  • Two 100% Redundant Fiber Links (24 strand single mode) Each with Configurable Bandwidth Capacity with:

  • Multiple Routers/ASA/IPS Appliances

  • BGP Load Balancing

  • Carrier Independent Addressing

  • Carrier Independent AS Number

  • Under Floor Fiber Links in Separate Conduits in Diverse Building Pathways and Secured Bunkers

  • To maintain redundancy, incoming Fiber Links Received from Two (2) Separate Feeder Facilities on Separate Paths

  • Access to Access to 200’ telecommunications tower and High-Power Microwave Ku Band Antennae (MAN access)

  • Eight (8) Public 5 to 6 gigabit Wi-Fi Panel Antennas

  • Multiple Fiber Providers On-Site Including Verizon (Commercial Fiber and FIOS), Level3, FPL Fibernet, Brighthouse Networks, and Verizon, Sprint, Time-Warner Telecom, Level3 active and dark fiber with Lambda Rail Feed to Building for Government and University Research Facilities

  • Managed services available from these providers