Facility Specifications

IF&D operates within a carrier-grade data center class facility principally constructed of concrete with a structural capacity able to accommodate five (5) additional stories as well as having the ability for an increase to a complete Tier IV rating. The building features west side entry and dock receiving area on the east side with convenient access to an 8,000 lbs gross weight service elevator able to handle 23-foot material via an internal chute.

Summary Data Center Systems and Specs

  • Currently Available 15,000+ Square Feet with 18’ to 36” Raised Floor Options

  • Tier 3 to 4 Classification with Category 4 Rating

  • 17’ Clear Ceiling Height 10” structural reinforced concrete floor and roof systems

  • Designed to withstand CAT 4 Hurricanes – Floors 4 & 5 reinforced to CAT 5

  • 225 PSF Floor Load

  • Utility Power Grid (Hospital and Utility Redundancy)

  • N+1 UPS Systems and N+X Generator Plants and Fuel Capacity Service

  • Underground and Protected Fuel Tanks

  • Heat Rejection / Exterior Element Protection

  • Dedicated and Metered Power Circuits

Power Infrastructure

The data center’s redundant N+1 and N+X power infrastructure provides power feeds from diverse utility pathways, numerous UPS and battery rooms, diesel generators, automatic switch gear, and on site fuel storage. In the event of a local or regional power outage, IF&D operations will continue running self-sufficiently for days without outside power.

Infrastructure specifics include:

  • 480V 3Ø 4000+ Amp Service from Tampa Electric Company (TECO) with:

  • 480V Main Power Breaker (multi-tenant service disconnects and individual metering is available)

  • Dual Redundant 4000 Amp Bus Duct (X4) Risers Feeds

  • ASCO 4000 Amp Emergency Power Transfer Switch

  • 12 cylinder -1 Meg KW Caterpillar generator installed Q1 2010.

  • 12 cylinder Caterpillar Diesel Engines with 1 Meg KW Generators

  • External areas for additional generator or roof top expansion are available

  • 10,000 Gallon Below Ground Diesel Fuel Tank with Redundant Accumulator/Circulation Pumps

  • Veeder-Root Automation Management System —tied to common monitoring of the building

Heating, Ventilation, Cooling (HVAC) Systems

Efficiency in heat dissipation and cooling capacity of complex IT environments, such as the proliferation of blade servers and virtualization, is paramount for equipment longevity and resiliency of systems as well as adhering to environmental standards. The IF&D data center encompasses a design that delivers a cooling capacity per square foot well beyond traditional standards based on its flexible build-to-suit capability as well as redundant chilled water and air handler systems.


HVAC specifics include:

  • Multiple Liebert 25 ton/12,000CFM CRAC Units Providing 100% Redundancy (w/scalability)

  • Primary 250 ton Redundant Carrier Chiller(s) Systems

  • Dual Redundant Coupled Cooling Towers Surrounded by Category 4 Rated Structure

  • Redundant Pumps and Monitoring Controls – all critical systems

  • Supplemental Liebert 10 ton/5000 CFM CRAC Unit for Engineering and Storage Areas

  • Five (5) Carrier Air Handler Units (AHU) for Office and Electrical room service

  • Two (2) Carrier Make Up Air Handler Units (MAU) for UPS Battery Room

Fire Suppression System

IF&D utilizes a dual action dry pipe pre-action fire suppression system with a multi-zone fire control detection and inert gas systems throughout the data center and complex with on site and city fed water availability. In addition, private data suite clients can opt for dedicated systems utilizing FE-25 clean agent fire suppressant systems.


Fire suppression systems specifics include:

  • Viking Dual Action Dry Sprinkler System

  • Multi-Zone Notifier Fire Control System Panel

  • 66,000 Gallon On-Site Water Storage Tank

  • City Water Feed with Redundant Firetrol Booster Pumps

  • Independent Zones for All Tenant and Data Center Spaces

  • Dedicated Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Available

Security System

IF&D provides and manages considerable on site and environment security internally and externally throughout the data center including:

  • 7/24/365 Onsite Security with Video Surveillance

  • Thirty (30) Security Cameras (some including PTZ functions) with 30 day DVR Storage Capability

  • Electric Strike/Magnetic Door Locks

  • Keyscan HID Compliant Security Control System

  • High Security Proximity Card Access with PIN and/or Biometric Options

  • All External Door Entrances, Elevators, Mechanical, Electrical, and Telco Rooms Secured

  • Locking Data Suites, Cages, and Rack Cabinets with Customer and Provider Restricted Access